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Entertainment expenses – income tax and GST treatment

Group Of Young Friends Meeting For Drinks And Food Making A Toast In Restaurant

If you provide entertainment for your team, clients or any other business contact, some of your business entertainment expenses are tax deductible.

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Entertainment Expenses Table

Learning golf. Golf instructor with young women on a golf course
Expenses incurred in providing golf club subscriptions and gym memberships to employees are 100% deductible and not subject to the Entertainment Expense 50% limitation.

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Trust Administration and legal costs and their tax deductibility

Legal, accounting and administration expenses are fully deductible if incurred in connection with…

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Vehicles – Lease or Buy

car on a forest path
If you are looking at buying a new vehicle and require finance, the salesperson will offer you two options: lease or purchase. This fact sheet gives an overview.

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COVID-19 Business Support fact sheet

Business Team Stack Hands Support Concept

The Government has announced new relief measures to boost confidence and help small and medium-sized businesses get through the COVID-19 crisis.

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